Our hydraulic bending press provides accurate and precise bending of components.

The high accuracy of our machinery and wide range of available tools enables solutions for simple and highly complex bending shapes. The bending press enables plate bending with a press capacity of 220 tons and up to length of 3,000 mm with a thickness up to 10 mm.

CNC technology helps to optimize the bending process and thus lowers our costs which translates to lower costs for our customers.

Our qualified skilled staff helps to achieve high accuracy and a guarantee of bending quality up to one tenth of one degree and achieve the required dimension of the component after bending within a tolerance of 0.5 mm. In the case of soft metals, tool imprints can be removed after bending.

The trimming press is equipped with a bend compensation system.

Work dimensions
Max. length of bended plate: 3,000 mm
Thickness of bended plate: from 0.5 mm to 10 mm

Our employees believe that the needs of our customers are satisfied not only by competitive pricing but also by providing innovation to each of their projects. They invest in long-term relationships with our customers and provide deliveries and services of the utmost quality.

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